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Understanding Frame Tool in Photoshop

Photoshop is raster software and developed to let people edit images in the way they want. It is the first choice of photographers for editing images that stand out and attract the viewers’ eyes.  Without any  doubt Photoshop comes at the top of the list for designing posters and web ads. It is a versatile set of tools that lets you create various patterns, effects and paintings. Frame tool is one such tool in Photoshop that clips the images and provide them a frame. If you are designing or creating a compositing in PSD then you must know about Frame tool.

    1. Frame Tool

This is a basic tool that has settings saved in it to clip any image within the selected shape. By default it offers rectangle and ellipse shapes to clip the graphic in.

You can clip rasterize as well as smart objects into frame tool. If you want to edit the clipped image then doubt click to reach at the editing mode and make the changes you want.

Using this tool is super easy, anyone can learn it by joining graphic design courses in Delhi.

There are some benefits of using frame tool over clipping mask and these are:

  • Clipping mask is not a tool; it is simply a command to apply on the layer. It’s short command is CLT+ALT+G. On the other hand Frame is a tool that you can select from tools box itself or apply the keyboard short cut key K.
  • Frame tool is easy to customize as compared to clipping mask
  • You don’t need to resize the image to fit inside the shape while using frame tool as it makes the size adjustment automatically. On the other hand, clipping mask doesn’t provide any option to resize the image present on the particular layer at once.

So, these were some of the crucial points that you should know about the frame tool inside Adobe Photoshop.

You can skill up yourself in this powerful application by joining Photoshop training institute in Delhi and learn all the important tools present inside the workspace of Photoshop. Adobe’s Photoshop is an all in one program that is required to learn and master in the right way if you are dreaming of the successful career in the arena of digital media.

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